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The Top 8 States With the Most Farmland

As an investor or someone interested in real estate, you know that location is key when it comes to making a wise investment. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the top eight states with the most farmland. These states are known for their fertile soil, favorable climate, and strong agricultural industry, which makes them an attractive option for investing.

We’ll discuss the types of crops grown, the economic conditions, and the statistics, such as the total acres of farmland and the percentage of state land used for farming. By understanding which states have the most farmland, you can make a more informed decision about where to invest and potentially tap into a profitable and sustainable income stream. 

  1. Texas

Texas is the leading state in the US for farmland, with 127 million acres. The state’s mild climate and long growing season support a variety of crops, making it a leading producer of cotton, one of the main cash crops in the state, and also cattle. Additionally, Texas has a strong presence in the corn, hay, and wheat industries.

The state’s vast open fields and prairies provide ample space for large-scale industrial farming operations. Many farms in Texas also have drilling operations on their land, providing an additional source of income for farmers. This makes Texas an attractive location if you’re an investor who is looking to invest in farmland.

  1. Iowa

Iowa is a state located in the Midwest that is well known for its agriculture industry. With over 30 million acres of fertile farmland, Iowa produces a diverse range of crops, including corn, oats, barley, hay, and more, as well as livestock such as cattle, pigs, and poultry. The state is home to prestigious universities like the University of Iowa and Iowa State University that are dedicated to advancing agriculture through research and education. 

The annual Iowa State Fair in Des Moines showcases the state’s commitment to agriculture, with livestock competitions and food vendors highlighting the industry’s importance. Iowa is a leader in providing the country with food and essential products and serves as a symbol of the hard work and dedication that go into the agricultural industry.

  1. Missouri

Missouri presents a unique investment opportunity for those seeking to invest in the agriculture industry. With over 28 million acres of rich, fertile farmland, Missouri is a leading producer of crops as well as livestock. Investing in Missouri’s agriculture industry is not just an investment in land and resources, it is also an investment in the state’s commitment to progress and its proud agricultural heritage. Missouri is a great choice if you’re looking to invest in a profitable and secure industry with a promising future.

  1. Illinois

Also located in the Midwest, Illinois is known for its rich agricultural heritage and is one of the leading states in the country in terms of farmland. With over 27 million acres of land dedicated to agriculture, the state produces a wide range of crops and is also home to a thriving livestock industry. Illinois is committed to advancing the agricultural industry through innovative practices and cutting-edge technology, and its farmers are dedicated to producing safe and sustainable food for the nation and the world. 

  1. Nebraska

Nebraska has farmland covering 44.8 million acres and accounting for 92% of its land area. The state is known for its rich soil, lots of water, and mild climate, which make it a great place to grow crops and raise animals. Nebraska is a leading producer of corn, soybeans, and wheat. It also has a strong presence in the beef, pork, and poultry industries. 

In addition to its traditional agricultural industries, Nebraska has a growing organic farming sector. To keep up with the growing demand for organic products, many farmers in the area are choosing to farm in an organic way.

The state also has a strong tradition of small, family-owned farms and ranches, many of which have been passed down through generations. They are an important part of the economy and culture, and they play a vital role in feeding the nation. Nebraska’s location in the heart of the US makes it an ideal location for the transportation and distribution of agricultural products.

  1. Kentucky

Kentucky, located in the Southeast, boasts a rich agricultural history and fertile farmland. With over 25.4 million acres dedicated to agriculture, the state grows crops like hay, wheat, and soybeans, as well as raises poultry and cattle. Kentucky is also famous for its bourbon industry, which produces most of the world’s supply. Agriculture is crucial to Kentucky’s economy and provides many jobs, making it a key player in the state’s stability. 

  1. California

California boasts over 26 million acres of fertile farmland, offering a wealth of opportunities for investors in the agriculture industry. With a diverse range of climates and fertile soil, the state is able to produce an abundance of crops and livestock, including fruits and vegetables, nuts, dairy products, and more. 

California is also known for its innovations in environmentally friendly farming, such as saving water and using renewable energy. This makes it an attractive place for investors who want to support farming that is good for the environment. Whether you’re interested in investing in a specific crop, or supporting sustainable farming, California’s vast and diverse farmland offers a wealth of opportunities.

  1. Kansas

Kansas is one of the top states in the United States for farmland, with a total of 45 million acres dedicated to agriculture, which accounts for 87.5%. The state is known for its diverse agricultural production, which includes crops such as wheat and soybeans as well as livestock such as cattle and hogs. Kansas also has a large amount of land dedicated to grazing, making it an ideal state if you’re looking to invest in or purchase land for cattle or other grazing operations.

Kansas has a rich history of farming, and its farmers are known for their innovation and efficiency. The state has a strong agricultural economy and a supportive government that helps farmers be successful.


Investing in farmland is a great opportunity if you’re looking for a secure financial future and to support the agriculture industry. States like Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri offer fertile lands and rich heritage, making them prime locations for investment. Do you have farmland that you’re considering selling and you need fast cash? We’ll buy your land without any obligations or listing fees. Give us a call today and get a same-day offer.

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