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9 Hacks on How to Sell Vacant Land Fast

Selling the typical home is quite simple in the current real estate market, but selling vacant land may be challenging. It may appear counterintuitive because there is no open house or house inspection to be concerned about. However, many individuals are unaware that there are fewer purchasers looking for unoccupied land compared to those looking for houses. As a result, agents must work longer and harder to sell the listings. Some might even believe that selling undeveloped land is more difficult.

Having the right knowledge about the land sale process is crucial if you need to sell your vacant land quickly. In today’s article, we’ll walk you through the steps you should take to sell your unoccupied land quickly and have some cash in your hands.

9 Tips for How to Sell Vacant Land Fast

Selling vacant land is difficult, as opposed to selling traditional real estate listings, like the typical 4bd/3ba home on a corner lot, which might sell even before going on the market. Here are nine easy strategies to sell your vacant land faster and for the maximum amount of money at closing.

1. Understand your market

Doing your research on the market should come first before anything else. You must have a thorough understanding of the market and a strategy for utilizing it to your advantage. You may optimize your listings for the best outcomes by being aware of the vacant land market.

Understand your land’s location and the reputation that area has in the property market in order to have an idea of your property’s value. You must survey land and lots that are identical to yours. 

2. Prepare the land

Make your property attractive before allowing prospective buyers to view it. It may be difficult for someone to appreciate the beauty and worth of what you are attempting to offer them because of the weeds, overgrown grass, and other vegetation.

As a result, you might be obliged to reduce your asking price since the purchasers might demand a lower price due to the labor-intensive nature of the land’s preparation. Cut any weeds, trees, or overgrown grass to prevent this from happening. After that, construct pedestrian routes so that visitors may observe the area from all sides.

3. Set a reasonable price

A “For Sale” sign with a contact number may not generate a lot of interest in your property. The same is true of pricing property hundreds of dollars more than similar properties in the neighborhood. A simple tip to keep in mind is to set your price a little bit higher than you’re ready to accept to provide an opportunity for bargaining with the buyer.

Selling vacant land may be more difficult than selling a house, so you may be better off hiring an expert to guide you through implementing the process if you don’t already know the current market conditions and the value of your property.

4. Boost your exposure

When you intend to sell your land, you must make sure your property is publicized as widely as possible. Putting your home up for sale online is a terrific way to attract the interest you need to locate the perfect buyer. Listing websites often require a modest fee, but the added exposure could be worthwhile. The more exposure opportunities you explore, the greater the possibility of finding a customer you deem suitable.

5. Use your signage to tell a story

Effective signage should always be a component of your marketing strategy in addition to internet listings that are aimed toward purchasers of lots and vacant land. Instead of using a generic “For Sale” sign, we advise you to have one built specifically for selling your vacant land or lot (which is relatively inexpensive nowadays). 

With your personalized signage, you may include a few crucial details like property characteristics and acreage to help convey the message. Your signs should be placed where they will be seen and kept clean, straight, and professionally looking.

6. Take aerial pictures

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Land photography isn’t the same as the other kind, where you may capture a building’s interiors. The easiest method to highlight the vacant land you’re working with is to take aerial pictures of it. Give visitors a bird’s-eye perspective of your property so they can gauge its size. If you have the money, find a photographer to take professional images of your property. For a better presentation of the countryside, you may even film it on camera.

7. Talk to your neighbors

You can attempt some targeted marketing techniques. When selling vacant land, the nearby property owner is often one of your best options for finding a buyer. You may display a vacant land notice on your home to encourage your neighbors to get in touch with you if they need additional information. You can start receiving offers from neighbors in a short period of time.

Even though your neighbors may not be interested in your vacant land, they could know someone who is. Your neighbor may tell their friends, family, or other acquaintances about the land.

8. Work with experts

You might feel overwhelmed and uncertain about where to begin marketing your vacant land. You can control this process more easily if you have a skilled real estate agent by your side.

The sale of properties and interacting with customers are two areas in which real estate agents excel.

You have a high probability of selling your land this way. Additionally, working with a professional agent provides you with the assurance that you won’t make as many errors. You can deal with a realtor that focuses on selling land and is knowledgeable about the market. 

9. Have proper documentation

The process of purchasing land will move faster for the potential buyer if you are prepared. The most crucial item to own is the title deed since the buyer must be aware of the legitimate owner before ownership is transferred. Additionally, make sure that all land taxes have been paid and that you have the certificates available because they’ll be needed during the whole process.


We often see the same enormous sign on a block of land for months, if not years, before a sale is made. For the seller, that’s a long time to wait for a sale and for the agent to get a commission.

These are a few of the ways you can improve your selling efforts. Selling vacant land has unique techniques and challenges compared to selling a home. We hope these suggestions will be helpful to you if you are just beginning the journey of selling your vacant land. 
Do you need any help with selling your vacant land fast? We’ll help you sell your land quickly without listing fees, and you’ll get a free, no-obligation cash offer. Why not give us a call today?

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