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#1 Way To Sell Land

Sell Land Fast & Easy!

  • Get a Free No Obligation Cash Offer for your Land
  • No Broker Commissions or Listing Fees
  • We Pay ALL Title, Escrow, and Closing Costs
  • Sell your Land Quickly



We are a Buyer ready to offer you cash for your raw, vacant, or undeveloped land. With decades of real estate and land experience we make selling your land quick and easy. As an experienced land buyer we have the resources to guarantee payment and can provide you with an offer same day. Looking to sell land anywhere in the USA? We buy raw and vacant land in every state across our great nation. Quickly sell your land property for cash today.


1. We Vet Your Property

Once you provide us with a few basic details by calling, texting or using our simple to use Form, we will map and comp your property

2. We Present Your Offer

Once we have qualified your property, we will make an offer and contact you by either phone or email to discuss the offer amount.

3. We Send You A Purchase Agreement

Once we have reached an agreement, we will prepare a basic purchase agreement and email you a digital document

4. We Run Title

Once we’ve received your signed agreement, we will begin our title on the property.

5. We Send Your $$$

Once title is complete and verified, our 3rd party closing partner will set a date for signing a payment

The process can take as little as days and as long as 6 weeks, depending on the county, state and how responsive you are



  • Not much! Our Sell My Land Form asks for the name the land property is under with the state, county, your contact information. The more info you can provide, the faster we can move in getting you paid!
  • It can be difficult, costly and take a ton of time to sell land on your own.
  • The market for raw land is small and it can often take several months or years to sell. Finding bank financing for land is tough, so you’ll typically have to find cash buyers for your property. That means you’ll need to spend money on marketing your land. Land is often marketed with owner financing terms, meaning you must deal with the hassle of collecting monthly payments for years, and only receive a small amount a month.
  • If you decide to list your land property with a real-estate agent or broker, you’ll find that you are not their priority as they are going to focus on other properties that pay them more
    • NONE with us! There are no fees, costs, or closing expenses. 
    • We’ve got all the below costs covered or eliminated:

– Listing Fees
– Advertising Costs
– Photography costs 
– Broker Commissions
– Title/ Abstracting Fees
– Escrow Fees
– Deed and Document prep fees
– Recording Fees
– Transfer Taxes

  • We pay for and run an individual title examination on every property. We will determine through our research if any  issues exist. We  can often find a solution if issues arise.  We are here to help you through the process, and help provide the necessary resources to fix any issues. 
  • No out of pocket expenses in selling us your land
  • Any back taxes or dues will be vetted. Sometimes we can cover what you owe as part of our offer. In the case that significant money is owed in back taxes or dues, those amounts can be deducted from the final closing price.
  • All good! We can find most, if not all, of the documents we need from the county courthouses to complete the purchase, so it won’t require much work on your end at all.